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Your home for wholesale and bulk rates on cedar oil products and do-it-yourself pest control kits. We feature genuine Nature’s Defender and Dr. Ben’s Evictor Products. Accept no imitations! Aroma therapy grade cedar oil isn’t filtered or optimized to our strict scientific standards. We’ve added a natural quartz rock carrier that amplifies the insecticide properties to staggering heights without compromising safety. Our formula is so light and pure that it won’t stain bedding or harm pets. Wipe out bedbugs, destroy cockroaches, get rid of fleas and ticks, eradicate mites, chase away stable flies, repel mosquitoes, kill mosquito eggs and suffocate mosquito larvae in swimming pools, puddles and ponds. Consultations are always free. Ask how we can help eliminate crop pests and compliment integrated pest management systems in organic farming applications.

Kill Noseeums

How To Kill No-See-Ums Indoors and Repel No-See-Ums from Yards and Gardens


If you’ve ever camped along the river or lived near a body of water, you’re probably no stranger to noseeums, barely visible blood sucking gnats that thrive along lakes, ponds and marshlands. Also known as black gnats, biting midges or sand flies, these tiny invaders can inflict surprisingly painful bites that produce swollen bumps or rashes.

Although noseeums tend to be most abundant in coastal regions, they can move inland when populations explode. They will often be found in grassy areas such as parks or golf courses. Worse yet, they are small enough to invade window screens and tenacious enough to multiply inside homes where potted plants provide adequate soil for larva to grow and develop. We have also received accounts of noseeums multiplying near the runoff associated with air conditioning units.

If you find the interior of your home infested, treatment with our organic fogging system is highly recommended to correct the problem without introducing chemicals into personal living spaces. Our indoor fogging solution may also be applied directly to skin and clothing as an organic repellent. Potted plants may be treated with our organic outdoor concentrate, which is designed to control crop pests without chemicals that could harm vegetation.

To banish noseeums from your yard, apply our outdoor concentrate with a hose end sprayer. One gallon makes 32 gallons of solution which can be applied to lawns, mulch beds, vegetable gardens and foundations. Since larva grow and develop within the soil, it’s best to treat at the source to dissolve eggs and choke out larva. It’s particularly important to soak flower beds, as adults often feed upon nectar. A blood meal is only required for females to reproduce.

Noseeums generally hatch in the spring. Adult females waste no time in searching for live hosts. The complete life cycle from egg to adult may take up to two years, depending on species and environmental factors within a given region.

About Our Outdoor Formula

The power of cedar oil has been well documented throughout the ages. As a destroyer of bacteria and parasites that break down flesh, it was a prized substance used by ancient Egyptians in the mummification process. Early American settlers blanketed their cabins with cedar needles to repel insects, rodents and snakes. Even today, cedar oil is a very popular organic pesticide for crops and vegetable gardens. Dog houses and cattle fences are still built with cedar wood, which naturally resists decay and pest infestation for 50 years or more.

In the past, essential oils were difficult to distribute through yard sprayers and sprinkler systems because oil and water would always separate, producing wide gaps in coverage and contributing to the uneven application of oil based pesticides. Due to the introduction of advanced organic solvents, it is now possible to achieve total solvency. The result is a slow release cedar aroma that distributes evenly and lingers on and on, repelling a wide variety of flying insects.

Best of all, cedar oil is a BASE NOTE. In the world of aroma therapy and perfume making, a top note is defined as the first scent you detect in a perfume blend. The base note is the lingering essence that stays with you long after the top note has faded!

Your Safety is Important to Us!

Our pesticides are 100% organic and approved by NOP and other certification agencies. Our product line has earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for its PCO Choice. As with any pesticide, chemical or natural, our topical formulas should not be ingested by humans or animals. Direct eye contact should be avoided. A mask should be worn when using ANY type of fogging solution for pest control purposes, including organic fog solutions. Prior to fogging, humans and animals should be removed from the home, pilot lights should be turned off and smoke alarms should be disabled. Occupants may return in 4 to 5 hours. Do not spray cedar oil (or any other type of pesticide) into flames or electrical outlets. Should our customers, affiliates or retailers use our products or advise others to use our products without reading instructions, Cedar Oil Solutions will not be held responsible for medical consequences or property damage. Cats treated with cedar oil for fleas should wear Elizabethan cones to prevent them from licking and grooming their fur during treatment. E-cones are widely available at pet stores to prevent cats from licking wounds and surgical incisions. In rare cases, ingestion of this product may cause lethargy or vomiting in cats. The same is true of ANY flea product or shampoo, be it chemical or natural.