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Your home for wholesale and bulk rates on cedar oil products and do-it-yourself pest control kits. We feature genuine Nature’s Defender and Dr. Ben’s Evictor Products. Accept no imitations! Aroma therapy grade cedar oil isn’t filtered or optimized to our strict scientific standards. We’ve added a natural quartz rock carrier that amplifies the insecticide properties to staggering heights without compromising safety. Our formula is so light and pure that it won’t stain bedding or harm pets. Wipe out bedbugs, destroy cockroaches, get rid of fleas and ticks, eradicate mites, chase away stable flies, repel mosquitoes, kill mosquito eggs and suffocate mosquito larvae in swimming pools, puddles and ponds. Consultations are always free. Ask how we can help eliminate crop pests and compliment integrated pest management systems in organic farming applications.


What Are The Best And Worst Mosquito Control Methods And Repellent Products?

According to the American Mosquito Control Association, the following mosquito control tactics simply don’t work:

  • 1.) Bug Zappers:  Two independent studies found no significant difference in the number of mosquitoes found in yards with or without bug zappers. Such devices catch huge numbers of non pest insects and relatively few mosquitoes.  In both trials, investigators at the University of Notre Dame found that mosquitoes accounted for “merely 4.1% and 6.4% respectively of the daily catch over an entire season.”
  • 2.) Citronella Candles:  Citronella candles produce a mild repellent effect but do not offer a significant increase in protection.
  • 3.) Ultrasonic Devices:  At least 10 studies have identified ultrasonic devices as a total sham.
  • 4.) Backyard Misting Systems:  Misters needlessly saturate the environment with pesticides, affecting beneficial insects, humans and pets.

Mosquito Control Tips:

  • 1.) Pour a small amount of cedar oil into stagnant pools, ponds and puddles to  create a film that drowns mosquito larvae.
  • 2.) Spray grassy areas, small trees and shrubs with our PCO outdoor concentrate.
  • 3.) Use our cedar oil fog machine on the patio or deck to wipe out all types of flying pests!
  • 4.) Sprinkle cedar granules near ponds.  They’re super charged by water!
  • 5.) When spending time outdoors, use our basic indoor formula to mist your clothing and exposed skin.
  • 6.) If you’re wearing sandals, don’t forget to mist your feet!  Mosquitoes are highly attracted to foot odor.
  • 7.) Drink iced fluids to lower your internal body temperature.  A variety of factors guide mosquitoes to their hosts, and body heat plays a prominent role in the cycle of attraction.

PCO Choice Outdoor Concentrate, Quart SizePCO Choice Outdoor Concentrate, Quart Size: $99.95+$10.00 S&H

One quart makes 8 gallons of solution for outdoor pest control and organic farming applications. Each gallon of mixed solution treats 1,000 square feet. Repellent properties last for up to a month. Absolutely the best formula available for the control of mosquitoes, fleas, ants, spiders, scorpions and a variety of insects that destroy landscaping and vegetation. In a press release, leading U.S.D.A. scientists described this formula as an “historic breakthrough” in the control of nematodes and crop pests. We often receive unsolicited testimonials from pest control operators around the country. Click Here to see what a parks and recreation employee in West Palm Beach has to say about this formula.

Testimonial From A Parks & Recreation Dept. Spray Technician In West Palm Beach, Florida

November 19, 2010

Frederick M. “Rick” Ritter

By way of a brief introduction, my name is John Delahunt. I am currently employed as a chemical spray technician for the Parks and Recreation Department of the city of West Palm Beach (license number PB7307).

We currently have approximately sixty parks in the city’s park system.  Another gentleman and I handle all of the pesticide spray duties for all of these facilities.  In addition to the routine parks maintenance I am also responsible for the pesticide needs for the numerous dog parks throughout the City. Heretofore, these specific parks are treated twice a month for fleas, ticks, etc.  Until we were introduced to your product we used several different insecticides, often on a rotating basis—specifically, Permethrin G-Pro, LescoFate, Bifen, Acephate, Orthene and Top Choice.  The use of these products, while effective have presented a number of problems, primarily because of their toxicity, cost, difficulties in use/application, and periodic park closures (REI restrictions).

We started using your Cedar Oil product on July 7, 2010.  We spray each dog park on the first and third Wednesday of each month.  Since July I can attest to each and every park being free of fleas and ticks as well as other nuisance pests such as ants, bees, and wasps.  Aside from being bug free, our dog parks have turned ‘green’ and become very user friendly to the citizens of West Palm Beach, their pets and also for the staff members maintaining them.

For example:

We no longer need to close the dog parks on spray days because of the ‘harmless’ nature of cedar oil thus our parks can remain open to the public at all times.

  • b) We have eliminated the concern of toxicity for pets and owners.
  • c) Personally, I no longer have to wear/use the long list of PPE, such as full body chemical suits boots, gloves, hats, respirators, etc. because toxicity concerns are eliminated and also time is saved.

As a result of our success with cedar oil in the dog parks I now carry a full supply, mixed and ready to use in all of our park locations. We have met with great success using cedar oil in our general park areas to reduce or eliminate such pests as fire ants, wasps, bees, white fly, chinch bugs and mole crickets. I have yet to encounter the insect problem that cedar oil will not eradicate.  I know your product is designed for use well beyond those listed above, but to date we have not met that challenge.

My compliments to you, your company and your trouble free products.

Best Regards,
John Delahunt

P.S.  How much money could the city save by doing our own application “inside” buildings, etc. rather than contracting with outside companies.

Frank Rivera
Laban Reeves

Your Safety is Important to Us!

Our pesticides are 100% organic and approved by NOP and other certification agencies. Our product line has earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for its PCO Choice. As with any pesticide, chemical or natural, our topical formulas should not be ingested by humans or animals. Direct eye contact should be avoided. A mask should be worn when using ANY type of fogging solution for pest control purposes, including organic fog solutions. Prior to fogging, humans and animals should be removed from the home, pilot lights should be turned off and smoke alarms should be disabled. Occupants may return in 4 to 5 hours. Do not spray cedar oil (or any other type of pesticide) into flames or electrical outlets. Should our customers, affiliates or retailers use our products or advise others to use our products without reading instructions, Cedar Oil Solutions will not be held responsible for medical consequences or property damage. Cats treated with cedar oil for fleas should wear Elizabethan cones to prevent them from licking and grooming their fur during treatment. E-cones are widely available at pet stores to prevent cats from licking wounds and surgical incisions. In rare cases, ingestion of this product may cause lethargy or vomiting in cats. The same is true of ANY flea product or shampoo, be it chemical or natural.