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Your home for wholesale and bulk rates on cedar oil products and do-it-yourself pest control kits. We feature genuine Nature’s Defender and Dr. Ben’s Evictor Products. Accept no imitations! Aroma therapy grade cedar oil isn’t filtered or optimized to our strict scientific standards. We’ve added a natural quartz rock carrier that amplifies the insecticide properties to staggering heights without compromising safety. Our formula is so light and pure that it won’t stain bedding or harm pets. Wipe out bedbugs, destroy cockroaches, get rid of fleas and ticks, eradicate mites, chase away stable flies, repel mosquitoes, kill mosquito eggs and suffocate mosquito larvae in swimming pools, puddles and ponds. Consultations are always free. Ask how we can help eliminate crop pests and compliment integrated pest management systems in organic farming applications.

Horse, Cattle & Swine


The Best All Natural Product To Kill and Repel Stable Flies, Horse Flies, Dear Flies, Black Flies, and Biting Gnats

There are a number of insects that can cause damage and irritation to horses, cattle and swine inside and outside of barn areas. These insects include fleas, biting flies, lice, bots, mites and ticks. These problems can originate on farms or develop when selling on the commodities market. The control of insects associated with horses, cattle and swine can be eliminated with our cedar oil formulations and cedar wood granulars.


Several types of biting flies bother horses, cattle and swine. These include mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies, horse flies and stable flies. These insects are persistent blood feeders that cause significant irritation to horses, cattle, swine and their offspring.


Stable flies will feed upon the blood of practically any warm-blooded animal including horses, humans, pets and other livestock. Peak feeding activity commonly occurs early in the morning and again in the late afternoon. Stable flies prefer feeding on lower body parts such as the legs and stomachs of horses and cattle. Both male and female flies feed on blood, but females can be particularly aggressive because they require blood nourishment to produce viable eggs. Eggs are deposited into a variety of decaying animal and plant wastes but are rarely found in fresh manure. It takes three to six weeks for eggs to develop into adults.


A consistent stable management program is vital in the war against biting insects. Our cedar oil formulations are widely regarded as the safest and most powerful treatments available. In tests ordered by the United Sates Department of Agriculture, researchers at Iowa State University tested our product against 29 other natural and chemical formulas and ranked it number one.

Treatments: Our family of products includes a variety of formulations & for horse and livestock owners.

–For instant knockdown of insects and strong residual effects, look into Dr. Ben’s Evictor. It can be applied directly to animals, stalls and pens. Insects that inhale the fumes directly will die on contact. Indoor surfaces treated with the solution will continue to repel insects for weeks.

–For the treatment of pastures, yards, patios and other outdoor areas where animals congregate, look into our Natures Defender outdoor concentrate.

–If you desire a mild yet effective flea shampoo, try our Vet’s Choice Concentrate.

Ultimate Barn KitUltimate Barn Kit: $199.95 +$20.00 S&H

(Save $30 on the cost of ordering these items individually.)

This kit contains the following items:

Natures Defender-PCO Choice Quart
One gallon makes 32 gallons of solution for barns, pastures, crops, yards, gardens, patios and more. Each gallon of mixed solution treats 1,000 square feet. Repellent properties last for up to a month. Control mosquitoes, fleas, ants, spiders, scorpions and a variety of insects that destroy landscaping and vegetation. In a press release, leading U.S.D.A. scientists described this formula as an “historic breakthrough” in the control of nematodes and crop pests.

Natures Defender-Vets Choice Quart
An excellent flea dip and shampoo for grooming salons, veterinary clinics, horse keepers and livestock farmers. Stock up if you like. Cedar oil doesn’t expire. Note: Concentrates cannot be used on carpets and fabric. To treat carpets and bedding without staining, purchase our basic indoor formula.

One 10 pound bag of cedar granulars
Use one bag per stall over existing bedding

PCO Choice Outdoor Concentrate, Gallon SizePCO Choice Outdoor Concentrate, Gallon Size: $250.00+$15.00 S&H

(Spray twice per month)

One gallon makes 32 gallons of solution for barns, crops, yards, gardens, patios and more. Each gallon of mixed solution treats 1,000 square feet. Repellent properties last for up to a month. Apply with a hose end sprayer, backpack sprayer or truck/tractor mounted sprayer. Soak sides of buildings plus inside and outside surfaces of stalls and fences. Observation of your own barnyard situation will quickly tell you the favored resting sites for flies. Will also kill eggs and larvae.

Dilution Ratio: Concentrated formula-Mix 4 ounces concentrate to 1 gallon of water One gallon of concentrate will make 32 gallons of ready-to use insect control spray.

10 Pound Bag of Cedar Granules10 Pound Bag of Cedar Granules: $29.95+$16.00 S&H

Cedar Granules: Available in 10lb bags & 750 lbs. Bag HERE (Provides up to 60 days coverage depending on weather conditions)

These granules contain high concentrates of aromatic red cedar oil which is offensive to insects. The long lasting aroma will repel fleas, mosquitoes, roaches, scorpions, flies, no-see-ums, mice, rats and venomous snakes. Excellent for inside barns, stalls, atriums and planter boxes. Apply a two foot wide band beside the home foundation to discourage insects from entering your home.

Stalls: Spread one bag over existing bedding material.

Entire Barn Coverage: Apply a two foot wide band around the outside perimeter of the barn to discourage insects from entering. Repels soil borne insects, rats, mice and venomous snakes.

Riding Arena’s, stock yards & inside barns:
Spread 1- 10lb. bag for every 1500 sq. ft

Direct kill sprays may be used to protect animals. Formula’s used for direct animal application usually have short residual activity.

Basic Indoor Formula, One GallonBasic Indoor Formula, One Gallon: $99.95+$15.00 S&H

Natures Defender “Best Yet” formulation instant kill: Our STRONGEST product for direct animal treatment and indoor pest control. This is not just a repellent: it provides instant kill and gives immediate relief to animals from any biting insect. Unlike many pesticides which simply kill on contact, our organic solution kills instantly and leaves a protective barrier that discourages new bugs from entering sprayed territory for up to a month. In tests ordered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this dynamic formula was tested against 29 other chemical and natural formulas and ranked number one. The ready-to-use solution won’t stain carpets or bedding when treating for fleas, ticks, lice and mites. Simply spray directly on insects with this instant kill formulation. Can also be applied directly inside ears for mites, flies, ticks and bacterial infections.

Ready-to-Use Formulation:

Vets Choice Concentrate, 1 GallonVets Choice Concentrate, 1 Gallon: $250.00 +$15.00 S&H

Dipping or Shampoo

Natures Defender Vets Choice
Concentrated flea and tick shampoo for dipping stations and hand bathing with sponge.

Makes 32 gallons of solution for the direct treatment of animals. Save $150 by ordering the gallon instead of four quart sized containers! Stock up if you like. Cedar oil doesn’t expire.

Note: Concentrates cannot be used on carpets and fabric. To treat carpets and bedding without staining, purchase our basic Indoor Formula.

Your Safety is Important to Us!

Our pesticides are 100% organic and approved by NOP and other certification agencies. Our product line has earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for its PCO Choice. As with any pesticide, chemical or natural, our topical formulas should not be ingested by humans or animals. Direct eye contact should be avoided. A mask should be worn when using ANY type of fogging solution for pest control purposes, including organic fog solutions. Prior to fogging, humans and animals should be removed from the home, pilot lights should be turned off and smoke alarms should be disabled. Occupants may return in 4 to 5 hours. Do not spray cedar oil (or any other type of pesticide) into flames or electrical outlets. Should our customers, affiliates or retailers use our products or advise others to use our products without reading instructions, Cedar Oil Solutions will not be held responsible for medical consequences or property damage. Cats treated with cedar oil for fleas should wear Elizabethan cones to prevent them from licking and grooming their fur during treatment. E-cones are widely available at pet stores to prevent cats from licking wounds and surgical incisions. In rare cases, ingestion of this product may cause lethargy or vomiting in cats. The same is true of ANY flea product or shampoo, be it chemical or natural.