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Your home for wholesale and bulk rates on cedar oil products and do-it-yourself pest control kits. We feature genuine Nature’s Defender and Dr. Ben’s Evictor Products. Accept no imitations! Aroma therapy grade cedar oil isn’t filtered or optimized to our strict scientific standards. We’ve added a natural quartz rock carrier that amplifies the insecticide properties to staggering heights without compromising safety. Our formula is so light and pure that it won’t stain bedding or harm pets. Wipe out bedbugs, destroy cockroaches, get rid of fleas and ticks, eradicate mites, chase away stable flies, repel mosquitoes, kill mosquito eggs and suffocate mosquito larvae in swimming pools, puddles and ponds. Consultations are always free. Ask how we can help eliminate crop pests and compliment integrated pest management systems in organic farming applications.

Chemical Free Lawn Care




Why does my lawn need lawn care products?

The reason your lawn and soil are stressed in the first place is probably because of the these very chemicals, or the way you maintain it. If done as recommended by typical lawn care companies, the pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers they use will make your yard into a place devoid of all life except for that oh-so-green lawn, which can’t survive without the highly toxic chemicals they spray or spread on it. The lack of worms and other beneficial organisms in the soil mean an unhealthy soil, dictating that anything in it will not thrive without large doses of toxic chemicals. The more pesticides applied, the more pests you’ll have. Pesticides kill only the weak pests. The strong ones survive and multiply, creating an even stronger and more pesticide-resistant colony of pests. Subsequent applications must more toxic and more frequent, until that particular pesticide doesn’t have any effect other than to make your family ill.


Don’t take it personally, it’s only business   …right?

Slick brochures from lawn care companies and pesticide manufacturers are meant to play games with your mind. While it may be a common scene in the US, the image above of happy, playful children doesn’t tell the whole story. It lacks the truth about the destruction of the beneficial insects, the soil’s water absorption capability, the health of the lawn itself, and most importantly, the health of your precious family and pets. It doesn’t tell you of the long-term health effects that may not be evident until after your child reaches puberty or even later. Nor does it mention the fact that these poisons are passed on to future generations of both your family and the natural life in and around your home.

Why is it they show children playing peacefully on the grass drenched in poisons?

Lawncare companies and pesticide manufacturers are brainwashing you into believing that the poison doesn’t harm children? Quite the contrary, it does harm them. Children are at higher risk than adults. Because of their size, they absorb more toxins by weight. The fruits and vegetables most consumed by children contain detectable residues 1 of multiple pesticides. And yet the standards for pesticides are written with a full-grown 160 pound adult male in mind. And they are not tested as one purchases them. The active ingredients are tested without the inert ingredients, which can be up to 99% of the total volume of the pesticide. Pesticide levels in house dust collected from carpeting can be higher than in the soil 2 of your yard.

Perhaps lawn chemicals are one of the reasons that children are having so many behavioral problems 3. And perhaps it is also why children are experiencing increasingly higher rates of cancers 4 as the years pass. Children exposed to pesticides are at increased risk 5 of leukemia, neuroblastoma, Wilms’ tumor, soft-tissue sarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, and cancers of the brain, colorectum, and testes. They have a seven-fold increased risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.6 Don’t ever delude yourself into thinking that the regulations or government are protecting you, your precious children, and your pets from pesticides or other synthetic chemicals being applied to your lawn or house or your neighbor’s property.


Contamination of well water

If your water comes from a well, know that pesticides can and do travel down to the water table where they can be drawn into your well system. Groundwater moves vertically and horizontally in response to gravity and hydraulic pressure. Groundwater flow rates can vary between several feet per year to one or two feet per day or more in permeable sand and gravel aquifers. The withdrawal of water through wells would directly influence that movement in the vicinity of the well intake. Because of the slow rate of degradation of substances in groundwater, contamination at one location may show up years later in a different location. The to know if your water is polluted is to have it tested by a professional. Testing can be quite expensive, and if you don’t know what to look for, you could spend a substantial amount of money without finding any definitive answer. There are general tests that can be performed, however, to know specifically what is in the water, you must have some idea of what to test for before proceeding. There are more than 85,000 chemicals on the market today and 60,000 pesticides. You can’t test for all unless you’ve got the deep pockets of a Bill Gates.

When a pesticide is tested to see if it is a problem with ground water, many times it is done by the pesticide manufacturers themselves. Then the data is given to EPA when and if they feel like it.7


Fraud and Mismanagement are Common Occurrences

  • S.C. Johnson Illegally Distributes Unsafe Pesticides Fined $950,000 8
  • JT Eaton Fakes Pesticide Test Results Could Cost 5 Years and $500,000 9
  • DuPont Ordered to Pay Damages Of $78.3 Million in Benlate Case 10
  • Monsanto Covered-up and Falsified Health Studies 11
  • Terminix aka Terminex has an extensive lawsuits across the nation 12



Fujicolor green isn’t what God intended for the stuff in the first place. Nor did he intend for it to be manicured to within a micron of its life. If you must have a lawn, please do it in a more sustainable manner.13



Pesticides are the result of Adolph Hitler’s WWII quest to kill the enemy… slowly. His reason for killing slowly was that if a soldier was made deathly ill for a few days before dying, rather than being immediately killed, he would require help from others, thus taking more than one soldier out of action. These same chemicals have been used by lawn care companies for years.


It’s time to give your lawn the fall treatment it needs.

The TooGreen ChemicaLawn companies will destroy not only your lawn, but the soil, beneficial organisms, plant diversity, and your family’s health.

Scientific and Professional Sounding Advertising

Millions of dollars are paid for slick advertising and jingles. Produced by extremely well-trained professionals, the advertising agencies spend a great deal of time researching the target audience in order to penetrate deep into their minds. A large percentage of the cost of producing these lawn care products is in advertising and marketing.

So don’t be fooled for a moment by words like vital, nutrients, lush, root growth, stronger, better, survive, rewarded, vibrant, luxurious lawn, science and art of lawn care, America’s largest, most experienced, better equipped, exact, customized care, specialists, highly trained professionals, specialists, expertise, technical managers and research scientists, solve problems. There is nothing scientific about the statements they make or the products they sell. Don’t take it too personally, they just want to sell chemicals, and you have the money they want. On the other hand, you should take it quite personally, because a lot more is at stake than your money.

The TooGreen ChemicaLawn Guarantee of Nothing

There is absolutely NO guarantee of safety. If they ever make that claim, they are breaking the law. There is no reason why one should expect pesticides or lawn care chemicals to be safe. Never forget that pesticides are supposed to kill. The problem is that they kill everything except what they are supposed to kill.


One last word of caution

Don’t ever listen to them when they tell you that some pesticides or herbicides are less toxic than others. While the concept may be true, it really doesn’t matter that one is more or less toxic than another. There are other aspects that come into play.

Your Safety is Important to Us!

Our pesticides are 100% organic and approved by NOP and other certification agencies. Our product line has earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for its PCO Choice. As with any pesticide, chemical or natural, our topical formulas should not be ingested by humans or animals. Direct eye contact should be avoided. A mask should be worn when using ANY type of fogging solution for pest control purposes, including organic fog solutions. Prior to fogging, humans and animals should be removed from the home, pilot lights should be turned off and smoke alarms should be disabled. Occupants may return in 4 to 5 hours. Do not spray cedar oil (or any other type of pesticide) into flames or electrical outlets. Should our customers, affiliates or retailers use our products or advise others to use our products without reading instructions, Cedar Oil Solutions will not be held responsible for medical consequences or property damage. Cats treated with cedar oil for fleas should wear Elizabethan cones to prevent them from licking and grooming their fur during treatment. E-cones are widely available at pet stores to prevent cats from licking wounds and surgical incisions. In rare cases, ingestion of this product may cause lethargy or vomiting in cats. The same is true of ANY flea product or shampoo, be it chemical or natural.